Introducing Derek Hickey: Synnovate's CIO/CTO & Client Advisor

Introducing Derek Hickey: Synnovate’s CIO/CTO & Client Advisor

We are excited to announce Synnovate’s CIO/CTO & Client Advisor. Derek has a real passion for enabling customers to solve their complex technology & business problems advising them with a creative and innovative led approach.

I’ve been very fortunate in my career to work with and learn from some great people across many different industries, companies, and cultures. I started my career in the firearms and angling industry gaining a background and knowledge in how small business operate and how import it is to put the customer at the centre of everything you do. After several years, I then moved into the Financial Services industry and have never looked back. 

Over the last three decades I’ve built my knowledge and skills across areas such as Technology, Innovation Operations and Product while working with some of the most globally recognised brands including Citi Bank, AXA, Fidelity, Zurich and US Bank.

Now with over twenty years of leadership experience in Financial Services, I’ve established a proven track record of driving transformative change and delivering substantial value to customers across digital and mobile financial services with a significant focus on driving strategy while ensuring customer and stakeholder alignment.

Synnovate are putting themselves in the leadership space for sustainable tech consultancy in an emerging and vital field that combines technology expertise with environmental sustainability. 

I see this as a fantastic opportunity to help companies reduce their environmental impact through helping organisations implement eco-friendly technologies and practices, reducing their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. 

With my background in technology and innovation I see this as a great opportunity to partner with Synnovate to help create that competitive advantage for our customers through embracing sustainability in technology that can lead to innovation, differentiation, and a competitive edge. Synnovate can assist in developing cutting-edge solutions that attract eco-conscious customers and partners.

I’ve a real passion for helping customers solve their complex technology & business problems with a creative and innovative led approach, Key areas of focus would be;

Strategic Program Delivery:

  • Implementing efficient project management methodologies to ensure timely and successful execution of strategic initiatives.
  • Developing frameworks for streamlined program delivery, enhancing operational efficiency, and minimizing risks.

Digital Transformation:

  • Creating a roadmap for digital transformation by integrating cutting-edge technologies into existing systems.
  • Facilitating the transition to digital platforms, ensuring seamless integration and optimization for improved customer experience.

Emerging Technologies:

  • Providing expertise and guidance on the adoption of emerging technologies like AI, IoT, or blockchain to stay ahead in the market.
  • Evaluating and implementing innovative solutions that leverage emerging tech to drive business growth and competitiveness.

Given my expertise and experience I see I can add value and support Synnovate in several different areas…

Technology Strategy: I can provide valuable insights into crafting a technology strategy that aligns with the company and customers overall goals which than leverages technology to drive innovation and efficiency.

Innovation Leadership: With my background in innovation, I can foster a culture of creativity and innovation within the organisation. 

Product Development: My expertise in product management can aid in developing and refining products and services that meets the needs of the customer.

Customer-Centric Approach: Given my strong customer focus, I can help champion the importance of putting the customer at the centre of all activities. Advocate for user research, feedback loops, and customer-centric design to ensure that products and services meet customer expectations.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Use data analytics and insights to make informed decisions. 

Digital Transformation: Help to lead and guide organisation through digital transformation initiatives, ensuring that technology is leveraged to improve customer experiences and drive business growth.

Thought Leadership: Share my knowledge and insights with both the organization and the industry. Act as a thought leader in the technology and innovation space, positioning Synnovate as an industry leader.

By combining my skills in technology, innovation, product management, and a strong customer focus, I can play a pivotal role in enhancing the value that Synnovate delivers to its customers, driving growth, and staying ahead in a competitive market.

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