Introducing Chris Tyson: Synnovate's Lead Sustainability Architect

Introducing Chris Tyson: Synnovate’s Lead Sustainability Architect

With over 25 years experience working for some of the leading brands within healthcare, life sciences, corporate, retail, and investment banking, Chris possesses extensive experience in software engineering & innovation delivering impactful solutions in enterprise, technical, and solution architecture. Chris has profound expertise developing product led startup initiatives, designing & delivering to Cloud Computing, AI & Digital initiatives successfully and is joining Synnovate’s Advisory Board to further enhance the uniting of our Sustainability & Technology product offerings in the marketplace… more coming soon.

I started out in IT over 25 years ago as a software developer at BT. Since then, I’ve worked my way through architecture roles, delivery management, CTO and CIO positions in start-up and corporate environments.

The vast majority of my career has been in the Healthcare & Life Science industry working in fields such as business intelligence, clinical trials, pathology and drug research.

IT in the life science industry is heavily governed by strict quality control measures and it’s my experience with this compliance aspect that led me to form Sustainable Bytes this year.  

Synnovate are the only consultancy I’ve spoken to who genuinely want to fuse IT innovation and sustainability together as part of their longer term vision. I can see a need for solutions that are not only advanced but also environmentally conscious. Synnovate’s commitment to this dual focus aligns perfectly with my vision for the future of how IT solutions must be designed and deployed.

Looking ahead, I am particularly excited that Synnovate are a forward thinking company that have a real interest in leveraging emerging technologies to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges. The pace of technological innovation offers unprecedented opportunities to make a positive impact in the sustainability field and it’s great to be able to be a part of that.

Synnovate’s consulting services can guide companies towards differentiation and a competitive edge through sustainability. When we talk about sustainability and IT the first thing that usually springs to mind for most people is ESG reporting. This is of course important, and a fact of life for many companies these days, but it’s only part of sustainability equation. Once you’ve collected the data, what actions are you going to take? How do you know where in your business you should consider making changes? Where do you seek to make impactful improvements?

These are the questions Synnovate will be looking to help customer answer. The main tools that’ll be used to drive this are contained within the Sustainable Bytes Operating System and I’m very pleased that Synnovate will be able to use what I’ve created to drive change for their customers.

The Sustainable Bytes Operating System offers a structured framework to govern, measure, and optimise the sustainability of IT solutions that will provide Synnovate’s customers with that initial blueprint for making IT change in the direction of sustainability. There’s several ways this will help.

Firstly, the framework provides a mechanism for assessing the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of technology. By using the Operating System’s comprehensive blueprint, customers can identify areas for efficiency improvements and waste reduction, ensuring that solutions are not only technologically advanced but also environmentally sustainable.

Secondly, the Operating System’s technical reference model, assessment surveys, and scoring tools provide a robust mechanism for continuous monitoring and reporting on sustainability KPIs. This will enable customers to clearly understand the sustainability posture and progress of the IT stack, helping them make informed decisions.

Lastly, by leveraging the consolidated reporting templates from the Operating System, customers will benefit from detailed reports on sustainability findings, emissions calculations, and recommendations. This will not only help in tracking their progress towards sustainability goals but also reinforce Synnovate’s commitment to delivering value through responsible and sustainable technology solutions.

In early 2024 this whole offering will be supported by a Generative AI Assistant offering a substantial amount of speed and automation of these processes, so stay tuned for updates on when the Beta version of this platform becomes available.

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