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We have put together an overview of what we offer, do and strive for. As a sustainable IT & sustainability consultancy we understand the need for ‘’Uniting for a greener tech – driven future” – let us break it down for you.

IT Consultancy focuses on a comprehensive array of digital, data, AI, and cloud services, offering a blend of deliverable and milestone-based SOW contracts, as well as permanent delivery and fractional CIO/CTO advisory services. On the other hand, ESG Consulting is centred around carbon reporting, sustainability consulting, and regulatory and governance support, with a similar framework of deliverables, milestones, and permanent delivery, along with fractional CSO advisory services.

Our core customer strategy caters to startups and scale-ups, emphasising innovation and green technology within the IT services landscape. For technology initiatives, we specialise in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, providing end-to-end solutions covering design, build, and operation. In tandem, our ESG initiatives encompass sustainability and carbon reporting, spanning discovery, reporting, and execution phases to ensure holistic environmental and social governance practices.

With a robust foundation built on over two decades of industry experience and knowledge, Synnovate boasts expertise in five specialised domains and has successfully executed over 600 engagements to date, with an exceptional NPS customer feedback rating of 98%. Our commitment lies in delivering unmatched quality through direct access to premium talent, ensuring prompt delivery at a cost-effective rate, leveraging our extensive knowledge accrued over the years, and cementing our role as a sustainable partner dedicated to responsible business practices.

Synnovate’s comprehensive overview of the business provides a clear and insightful analysis of its key components, emphasising the company’s robust infrastructure, innovative product offerings, and strong market positioning. Download our Synnovate Overview below.

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