IT Services


We specialise in the provision of innovative end-to-end IT Services that empower companies to achieve their Technology goals. 

Focused on a quality driven and cost-effective solution within our expertise, we’re your trusted partner to take care of your project or requirements with ease.


With over 20+ years experience and knowledge, in today’s world we recognise the opportunity and increasing need to align IT Services solutions in a Sustainable approach. With a strategic approach combined with our domain expertise, aligning customers Technology & Sustainability strategies, we’re at the forefront of enabling and unlocking our customers visions and goals.

Time & Materials

Flexibility and autonomy to utilise our associate network of skilled consultants to fulfil a skills gap, headcount cover, injection of niche capability or to augment your existing project workforce at speed. Whilst maintaining oversight of day to day work activities, we offer the added value post assignment the option to retain our consultants on a permanent basis.

Milestone & Deliverable based

We partner with you upfront to define what success metrics should be upheld, solutioning agreeable deliverables to work towards together. We take pride in our delivery and execution, accountable for reporting on success milestones and targeted deliverables in an agile approach.

Fixed Price

Enabling the beauty to manage & control costs effectively, outsource work package delivery and relinquish accountability and management to us as a partner end to end. Utilise our thought leadership expertise and delivery governance methodology to provide you the desired end goal.

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