Consultancy Solutions


We take pride in partnering closely with you to define, advise, identify and hire the top talent for your organization’s strategy top-down, on either a contract, permanent or retained basis.

Should you have a requirement to hire top talent into your organisation, we have over 30+ years of knowledge, experience and a large profound network enabling us to source and deploy top talent for you quickly and effectively.



Every organisation from time to time needs a capacity injection of headcount injection but without the operational headache. Our skilled network of over 2000 trusted consultants enables us to fulfill your skills requirements quickly,providing you the flexibility to scale at speed. Whilst maintaining oversight of day to day work activities, we offer the added value post assignment the option to retain our consultants on a permanent basis.


Our permanent delivery team specialise in supporting the strategic longer term growth strategy of your business. We offer a consultative, honest and bespoke approach to qualify, define and fulfill your requirements. Alternatively, defining a more strategic targeted headhunting approach in a competitive market.

Executive Search

Our retained search offering enables an organisation to obtain the right calibre of candidate within a guaranteed time period. It utilises our expertise for a specific recruitment campaign that ensures you and the candidates get the best experience throughout the recruitment drive.

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