Meet the Synnovate Co-Founder Seb Banks: A Passion for Competition and Life's Challenges

Meet the Co-Founder: A Passion for Competition and Life’s Challenges

Seb Banks – Co-Founder of Synnovate

We are excited to announce the launch of Synnovate. We sat down with Seb to learn more about his career path, goals for the new business, and what he's looking forward to the most.

Hi, Seb. Can you tell us about your career to date and what inspired you to start Synnovate?


I have over 13 years of experience working in the IT Services and Recruitment industry across the UK, Ireland, Mainland Europe, and the Middle East, in several industry verticals.


At the beginning of my career, I was like many other university graduates, uncertain about which path to take, but I knew I wanted a role that was people-focused and technical. That’s how I stumbled into IT Recruitment, starting as a Technical Recruiter. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to lead and grow a team, which allowed me to build out an Apps Development Practice in the Thames Valley region, move to Dubai to run our Middle East operations, and manage an Executive Search-focused business. Later on, I moved to the Midlands office based in Birmingham to manage the regional operations split between IT Services, Recruitment (contract and permanent), and I was then tasked with the responsibility of creating the first-ever “Recruitment Delivery Centre,” which specialized in Cloud & DevOps for the IT Services business.


With my experience working across regions, sectors, and practice areas, while building and managing large teams, I’ve always been excited to build something sustainable for the future while also being involved in technology. Additionally, since a young age, I’ve had a passion for raising money for charities through participating in sporting challenges, which not only allowed me to contribute to a good cause but also challenged me both physically and mentally. My passion for CSR led me to explore and learn more about corporate ESG and, more recently, sustainability.


My passion for delivering exceptional quality service, driving innovation, and promoting sustainability has ultimately motivated me to embark on a new journey of entrepreneurship. Together with my long-term friend and business partner Jon Boswell, we have decided to establish our very own business.

What excites you most about the journey ahead?


There are quite a few things that excite me, to be honest! The most thrilling aspects are the early building blocks of planning and starting a new business, collaborating with new partners to support the evolution of our Managed Services and Sustainability-focused products. The idea of utilising technology to help organisations transition to net-zero is fascinating, and we aim to be a disrupter in this space.


Synnovate was established to focus on the most important industry domains and skill sets of the present and future. This is even more exciting because every time we do business, we are also positively impacting the world at the same time, whether through our sustainability services, the implementation of our corporate and personal ESG strategies, or supporting our chosen partner charities.



Finally, the most important aspect is the opportunity to work with and partner with others along the way while learning so much. It’s an incredible opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, acquire new skills, and establish new relationships along the way!

What type of culture do you want to breed in Synnovate?


Having led large teams with diverse backgrounds, I realised early on how crucial culture is to an organization. Therefore, we are very selective when it comes to hiring employees, partners, and associates for our team.


I’m finding it hard to write in a blog so I will use some “buzz words” instead;


  • Customer-first mindset
    Focused on building strong relationships, delivering quality work, and providing value to our clients.


  • Commitment
    A dedication to getting the job done, helping others, and always delivering on our promises.


  • Self-Development and Continuous Improvement

“Hire the heart, train the brain.”


We understand that an employee’s experience is not just about the beginning of their journey with the company but also the middle and end. Unfortunately, many companies tend to overlook this aspect.


As a sustainability-focused organization with growth plans, Synnovate has designed strong employee benefits that apply to all aspects of an employee’s life, beyond just work. We understand that work takes up a significant portion of their lives, and we believe that while you are working, wherever you are located, Synnovate should have a positive impact on 100% of your life. We have structured these benefits into our 5 pillars of Internal Core Values: Financial, Physical, Mental, Professional, and Personal.

Finally, business aside, tell us a bit about you personally?


For those who know me well, I have been described as “all in” on most things I do! I have an absolute passion for competition, which is why sports play a big role in my life. I enjoy playing golf (even though it doesn’t often love me back), running, football, squash, and clay pigeon shooting. I also have a long list of bucket list challenges that I am working through as time allows. These challenges test me physically and mentally and have included bungee jumping, shark diving, parachute jumping, multiple Tough Mudder’s and Spartans. In addition to playing sports, I love attending live sporting events, such as Manchester United games, international rugby, and Formula 1 races.


I also love traveling, which is probably why my family and I have moved so many times in the last ten years (currently on our eighth move!). I have two young children, Leo and Morgan, and a wife named Kristie.


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